Dr Aaron Jensen

Dr. Aaron Jensen’s social research experience includes nearly a decade of leading and supporting roles in the design, coordination and delivery of 30+ research and innovation projects globally. He has demonstrated proficiency and expertise as a professional evaluation consultant with advanced social research methods in a wide range of real-world contexts.


His social research portfolio includes postdoctoral-level contributions to eight European Commission-funded (H2020) projects requiring expertise in social research. He has co-authored numerous competitive proposals and grant applications that secured awards from national, government, and higher education funders for large-scale, multi-national projects.


Dr. Jensen often works at the intersection between research and technical teams to ensure robust methodologies, data management and data protection (GDPR). He has co-founded multiple enterprises and research initiatives and co-developed an innovative, propriety digital research technology to maximize the efficient delivery of advanced research protocols with process automation and dynamic insights with real-time analytics.