Creating an Inclusive European Citizens’ Assembly (EU-CIEMBLY)

Deliberative and participatory democracy practices are on the rise across the world. Examples of innovative democratic mechanisms can be found in countries such as the US, France, Germany, and Ireland. Citizens’ Assemblies are gaining particular prominence.


Creating an Inclusive European Citizens’ Assembly (EU-CIEMBLY) addresses the need for the introduction of new forms of citizens’ participation and deliberation in EU political life and particularly an EU Citizens’ Assembly whose design and implementation fully addresses issues of intersectionality, inclusiveness, and equality. The project aims to improve the current forms of civic engagement at EU-level by adding a Citizens’ Assembly that is situated on the trajectory of participatory, representative, and deliberative democracy, in order to ensure wider and deeper EU democratic legitimacy.


The Institute for Methods Innovation is responsible for all the evaluation activities for the project. More specifically, we are involved in the following project tasks:

WP3: Evaluation and analysis of selected existing Citizens’ Assemblies in practice

WP4: Piloting the Citizens’ Assemblies models

WP5: Recommendations to policy- and decision-makers