HYPOP Project

HYdrogen Public Opinion and accePtance (HYPOP) project

Clean hydrogen is an energy vector used as fuel or for energy storage with technical and environmental advantages, due to its versatility, scalability, and, for green hydrogen, low carbon emissions. Hydrogen is one of the key components of the energy decarbonisation strategy of the European Union. The transition to hydrogen and fuel cells is a long process that involves different stakeholders: policy- and decision-makers, technology providers, adopters, users and citizens.


Understanding how the public perceives hydrogen, together with a knowledge of the needs and barriers of technology providers and decision-makers, are fundamental elements to ensure a successful implementation of solutions for the transition in terms of policy, technical development and social awareness. A clean and clear communication on the energy topics, including hydrogen, is key to accompany technological development with social acceptance.


Public awareness activities are essential for increasing social acceptance and trust in hydrogen-based technologies throughout the European Union, particularly for addressing the potential lack of knowledge or mistrust of key stakeholders directly involved in the first phases of mass deployment in Europe.


HYPOP aims to raise public awareness and trust towards hydrogen technologies and their systemic benefits, through:

1. The preparation of guidelines and good practices that will help to define more effectively how citizens, consumers/end-users and stakeholders can be involved in the implementation of hydrogen technologies.


2. The creation of a web platform collecting communication material, mainly videos, on new hydrogen technologies, developed according to the early findings of the public engagement activities.

The Institute for Methods Innovation team is responsible for the following WPs:

WP1: Public understanding of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies state-of-the-art


WP3: Citizens’ engagement

For more information about the project, visit the official website: www.hypop-project.eu