Incubation Programme

By participating in our incubation programme, you will gain experience in a series of online hands-on activities to practice creative, enterprise and digital technology skills. Apply now by filling in the application form here or sending us an e-mail to express your interest:





May 6th, 3-4 pm (Ireland time)

1. Introduction to social entrepreneurship and creativity
2. Launch AYCH incubation programme

1. Introductions: Facilitator, Course, Icebreaker
2. Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurs
3. Types of Innovation
4. Business creation

1. Define entrepreneurship
2. Compare/contrast classic views with social entrepreneurship

May 6th, 4:10-5 pm (Ireland time)

1. Apply entrepreneur roles to idea generation and problem-solving
2. Establish group norms for decision-making and problem-solving processes

1. Creative problem-solving process, Entrepreneur roles, and Decision processes
2. Identify shared interests / passions or ideas within group(s)

Work as a team to apply a structured problem-solving process to a social or environmental problem


May 20th, 3-4 pm (Ireland time)

1. Compare and contrast traditional and social marketing
2. Establish solution criteria for entrepreneurial ideas

1. Traditional and social marketing, products & services, pricing & cost, branding & identity, competition & cooperation
2. Establishing solution criteria

Apply social marketing concepts to entrepreneurial ideas


May 20th, 4:10-5 pm (Ireland time)

Research methods to validate ideas and solutions

1. Research methods
2. Research to validate ideas

Apply structured research approaches to validate entrepreneurial ideas


May 27th, 3-4 pm (Ireland time)

Data analysis to improve propose solution

1. Analyze responses to validate ideas
2. Refine the proposed solutions

Work as a team to apply a structured problem-solving process to a social or environmental problem


May 27th, 4:10-5 pm (Ireland time)

Use data and develop the story as part of a persuasive appeal

1. Principles of persuasion
2. Organize persuasive pitches’ roles and content

Present persuasive pitch as a team


June 3rd, 3-4:30 pm (Ireland time)

Adapt a persuasive appeal to audiences

1. Presentation of pitches
2. Debrief and Discussion / Q&A

All of the above