Lali van Zuydam

Research and Communications Associate

Lali has a background in science communication, journalism, and project administration. She holds a Bachelor’s in Consumer Science and a Master’s in Science and Technology Journalism from Stellenbosch University. She is also pursuing a PhD in Science and Technology Studies, focusing on public science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Lali currently works as a Project Administrator at the Institute for Methods Innovation for European Commission research projects and professional training. She is also a Science Communication Specialist at the German Institute for Science and Innovation Communication for the AURORA project, supporting editorial and social media activities.


Her past experience includes serving as a Press Attaché at the Embassy of France in South Africa and working as a journalist and researcher. In these roles, Lali developed her skills in writing, content creation, and social media management.


Lali is certified in science communication and is multilingual, speaking English, Afrikaans, and French. She has participated in international conferences and published in reputable journals, showcasing her active engagement in science communication.